An Open Source Project - (R-ePhoneBook)

R-Phone Book is an open source project, basically to manage your contacts online.

The following shows how R-Phone Book works.

My Database Table

Database Table

I copied a DB file inside the APP_Data folder. To run the project, attach a database and go to the App_Code folder then here you will find DataBaseClass.cs, change the connection string there.

This is the default page; here you can find your all contacts. Here you can search your contacts by Name, Mobile, City and Country.

Contact list page

If you type "Rahul" and click on "Search":

Search with name

If you want to add a new contact then on the top-right click on "Add New Contact":

Add new contact

If you want to edit any contacts then click on "Edit" and "Ok".

Edit contact

Edit Page:

Edit page

If you want to delete any contacts then click on "Delete":

Delete contact

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