Conditional formatting in Sharepoint List using Sharepoint Designer 2007

Here I am showing how to use sharepoint designer 2007 to do conditional formatting. There may be situations where you want to show Red Signal to some values in a list if it is less than a specific value.

Here I am taking the example, BPI (Type is number) be a column in a list .If the value of BPI greater than or equal to 10, I am showing a Green Circle. If BPI value greater than 5 and less than 10 Yellow diamond If less than 5 Red diamond.

  1.  First you have to open the site in Share point designer and find out the list. Second you have to check out Allitems.aspx page and open it.

  2. Once the page opens right click on Allitems.aspx then selct on Convert to XSLT Data View

  3. Then the list be converted to XSLT Data View.Now right click on the any value in  BPI column ,select Conditional formating

  4. From the top right hand side  corner select Create then select Apply formatting

  5. You will get a pop up as shown below.Select the column in which you want to do Conditional formating. I selected as mentioned earlier BPI

  6. Select comparison and value as per your requirements

  7. Click Ok you will get another pop up as shown below

  8. Here as I mentioned earlier, I am giving a background image for the condition. Browse the image for this condition. Alternatively you can choose a background color or you can change the font color etc
  9. Click ok. You have almost done. Repeat the same thing for other conditions also
  10. Once done just check the XSLT just created in the code view. You will get something similar to below

  11. You have done with the changes. Check in your Allitems.aspx
  12. Go to your list and enter the values for BPI. You can now see BPI column background is changing as per the condition I mentioned earlier.


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