Convert WinWord Document to Blob

I have used a Winword Control to display the word document in a windows forms. Couple of my friends asked me how to save the document as a blob in to a database. So I thought of putting an article about it. The code is very Simple. Just use file system to convert the document to array of bytes[]

//Delete the doc file used for Saving if already exists
FileInfo mySaveFile = new FileInfo(@"C:\mysavefilename.doc");
if (mySaveFile != null)
object overWriteExisting = false;
object refMissing = Missing.Value;
object saveFileName = _filenameSave;
this.myWinWordControl.document.SaveAs(ref saveFileName, ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref 
    refMissing,ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref refMissing, ref refMissing);
    //Show Blank document so that the current loaded file gets released
//convert the doc file to blob.
MyDS.mYRow row = null;
FileStream fls;
fls = new FileStream(_filenameSave, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
//a byte array to read the doc
byte[] blobDoc = new byte[fls.Length];
fls.Read(blobDoc, 0, System.Convert.ToInt32(fls.Length));
if (this._presenter.IsNewRecord)
_mYDS = new mYDS();
row = _mYDS.MyTable.NewRow();
row.MY_DOC = blobDoc;
return _presenter.AddRecord(row);
row = mYDS.Rows[0];
row.MY_DOC = blobDoc;
return _presenter.UpdateRecord(row);

catch (Exception exp)
return false;
The DataSet row conataining the blob can be saved with regular saving technique using Enterprise Libararies DAL.

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