Dynamically Fill AutoComplete Textbox from DataGridView


I wanted to write code for looking up records in DataGridView for which I decided to use a simple auto-completing TextBox for easy search and dynamically refilled AutoCompleteStringCollection. This task can be accomplished through ComboBox, for which I had to make a roundtrip to the database server for the data that I have already gotten in the girdview. So I decided to use grid data for filling AutoCompleteStringCollection.

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I need to write codes to search records in DataGridView control. So I gave different fields on which search can be made, and I also want to avoid roundtrip to database server for filling ComboBox.

Using the Codes

I add a panel control for serving as find form (which remain hidden until find buttons are clicked), and places two command buttons cmdFind and cmdCancelFind along with a ComboBox cmbFindFields which is filled with field names and a TextBox named txtCustomerFind.

Added following codes in the Validated Event of cmbFindFields.

private void cmbFindFields_Validated(object sender, EventArgs e)

 AutoCompleteStringCollection acCustomer = new 
 foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dbDetail.Rows)
    if (cmbFindFields.SelectedItem.ToString() == "Customer ID")
                    txtCustomerFind.MaxLength = 5;
       else if (cmbFindFields.SelectedItem.ToString() == "Customer

                    txtCustomerFind.MaxLength = 40;

                    txtCustomerFind.MaxLength = 40;

            } txtCustomerFind.Clear();
 txtCustomerFind.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.Suggest;
 txtCustomerFind.AutoCompleteSource = AutoCompleteSource.CustomSource;
 txtCustomerFind.AutoCompleteCustomSource = acCustomer;


Whenever user selects a field AutoCompleteSource of txtCustomerFind is changed respectively.