Try this AI experiment that converts 2D images to 3D

We’ve seen similar AI before, but this one does more than facial reconstruction. We asked Fleisher, who you may also remember as the creator of an AI that gives any webcam Kinect-like capabilities, if training an AI to convert any type of image presents a different challenge than training one to convert something specific:

It is different in some ways and similar in others. While the mechanics of constructing and training such deep Neural Networks have similarities, our mission to create a model that understands the human body and environments requires a lot of data… In the background, we are training a few models for different tasks and developing a classification method for identifying the dominant elements in the image. Once we know what to expect, we are able to pick a model which has a more refined understanding of how this should look like in 3D. This is quite different from other approaches that accumulate a lot of knowledge into one single machine learning model. It is still work in progress, but we hope to keep on training the networks to acquire more knowledge required to reconstruct a 3D human figures and environments from 2D images and videos.