Submitting App To Windows Phone Store From Scratch

To submit your Windows Phone App to your Store Account you need to do some prerequisites. First of all, if you have downloaded the source code of your Universal App of Windows App Studio, just go to this download directory and open the solution file in Visual Studio 2013 with Update 3. If you don't have Update 3, it's fine but you need at least Update 2 to run Universal Apps. In our last chapter we've downloaded our source code from the App Studio. Open it in your Visual Studio.

After loading your project in Visual Studio 2013, use the following simple procedure before submitting your apps to the Windows Phone Store.

Step 1

Right-click on the Windows Phone Project in Solution Explorer and make it the StartUp Project.

StartUp Project
                                                            Figure 1

Step 2

Again right-click on the Windows Phone Project in Solution Explorer, go to the Store and click Associate App with the Store.

Associate App with the Store
                                                               Figure 2

Then you can see the figure below and click Next.

click next
                                                             Figure 3

Then you will be asked to sign in with your Store Account, so sign in.

Sign in
                                                            Figure 4

Verify with your phone number.

your Store Account
                                                         Figure 5

Insert the security code that you have received and click submit.

click submit
                                                          Figure 6

Now, we have reserved an app name in our last blog. Today we will just select the reserved app name and click next.

select an app
                                                            Figure 7

Here, I've used another app as an example to submit in my store. Click Associate.

Click Associate
                                                            Figure 8

Step 3

Now we need to create an App Package for our app. So right-click on the Windows Phone Project in Solution Explorer then go to the Store and select Create App Package.

Create App Package
                                                                  Figure 9

Then you will see the figure below and hit next.

hit next
                                                         Figure 10

Hit next again.

next again
                                                         Figure 11

Then select the reserved app name and click next.

reserved app name
                                                      Figure 12

And lastly hit Create and Close.

Create and Close
                                                         Figure 13

                                                          Figure 14

Step 4

You will find your new package in your destination folder.

destination folder
                                                                  Figure 15

Step 5

One last thing before going to our Store, we need to take some snapshots of our application. Just run the project in Visual Studio and after the Emulator starts, click the double greater than sign and another window will pop up. Just see the figure, it's simply easy.

Emulator start
                                                                  Figure 16

Step 6

Now it's time to sign in using our Windows Phone Dev Center Account. After singing in, go to the Dashboard and click Submit App.

                                                            Figure 17

Then click App info.

App info
                                                            Figure 18

And fill in these forms, just write down the reserved app name and click Associate and provide the selected category of your app, in our case it's “music + video” and save it.

selected category
                                                      Figure 19

Step 7

Now click Upload and describe your package(s) and upload the APPXUPLOAD File you have created.

                                                            Figure 20

And provide a description for your app and upload the snapshots you have taken. It should be 768*1280 pixels.

description of your app
                                                      Figure 21

Save all. Now it's all done. What you need to do is to just click the Review and Submit button and wait for your Congratulation mail for your hard work.

Review and Submit button
                                                      Figure 22

After a couple of hours, you will get a confirmation mail. Back then, it took seven working hours to validate your app, but now it takes just some hours. So why are you still idle? Start building your very first own Windows Phone App.

Happy Coding!

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