Configuring Social Media in Google Knowledge Graph

Getting a Theme

Recently Google allowed inclusion of social media profiles within their knowledge graph and trust me, this can be helpful for you from your business perspective.

Let's take it another way. Configuring social media in a knowledge graph can help you in your organization's marketing strategies and maybe can help you in growing your business (I am not that much sure about this point, that's why I said "maybe").

So, if you are thinking it's a Herculean task then think again. It's just a 2-step process to ensure that Google is aware of your social media presence.

But if still you do not understand get the theme of this article then have a look at these images, they say it all.

Inserting Snippet

So, without wasting any time let's move further.

Inserting JSON-LD Markup

You don't need to do any Herculean task as I said earlier in this article. Simply copy and paste the following snippet into your website (between the <HEAD> … </HEAD> tags).

I am inserting my blog URL here, you can customize it accordingly:

  1. <script type=”application/id+json”>{ “@context” : “”, “@type” : “Organization”, “name” : “Let Us Tweak”, “url” : “”, “sameAs” : [“” , “”, “”]}</script>  

You can add some other social media link too but there is the condition "Profile must be supported by Google".

Here is a list of social media profiles supported by Google: 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • MySpace

Testing your Script

After adding the script the 2nd and the last step is "Test the Script" (whether it's working for you or not).

So for testing you need to use Google's Structured Data Testing Tool (

For this just do these two tiny steps:

  • Browse to the preceding URL (you will get something like the following).

  • Now, paste your code there in the first window or simply use the Fetch URL and click on Validate.

  • If everything is okay then you will get this:

I hope this will help you guys!

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