Hottest Tech Jobs of 2014

Software Engineer

In very common and popular terms we can define a Software Engineer as "Kolhu Ka Bail", just kidding. Chill guys. Well Software Engineers generally deal with Design and Development. In spite of this they also do maintenance and evaluation of computer systems and software. The work assigned to them is purely company dependent.

The scope of a Software Engineer's work is very wide; it ranges from developing new applications and projects to modifying/updating existing software products depending on the current and future requirements. Sometimes they also work in some security measures and related domain.


The 10 most demanded Software Engineer/developer skills for 2014 are:

Web Developer

In the most general way we can call Spiderman a web developer, because he does approximately the same work as web developers do, creating new and more secure tight webs. So if you are a web developer then just stretch your lips and tell everyone that you are SPIDER-MAN too.

Well in technical terms we can define web developers as programmers who have some specials skills and expertise in dealing with the internet and web applications. They also focus on the design and workings of a website, portal, web based app (static, dynamic, native and so on.).


The 10 most demanded web developer skills for 2014 are:

Network Analyst

This designation can sound quite boring to some peole but in reality it is far from that. It is in the top 5 hottest tech jobs. Depending on the company, there are the following two types of roles:
  • Network System Analyst
  • Network Engineer


A Network System Analyst monitors the efficiency of a specific company's network systems that includes Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Internet, Intranet and so on. Few companies label this designation as Network Engineer. On the other hand several companies hire Network Engineers to configure the infrastructure from the bottom, that includes designing and the implementation of some new category or type of plants for the company.


The most demanded Network Analyst skills for 2014 are:

Mobile Developer

“Requirement is the mother of Invention." By getting this beautiful thought in our tech mind, we can simply check the use of mobile applications in our environment. There is no single point of doubt that mobile developers are in demand, we can see that by simply Googling it, meanwhile in the current scenario there are 1.75 Billion Smartphone users in the world.

Mobile developers most probably work on design, back end services and creation of mobile applications. The development work can be of any category, based on use level. It can be of Entertainment, Communication and Information and so on.


The most demanded Mobile developer skills for 2014 are:

IT Manager

Well this designation is not for the beginner at all, until or unless he/she has a blood relationship with a higher authority in the company. Whether that is fact or fiction I can't say exactly.

This article can vary by company to company; the main work area of an IT manager is monitoring his/her unit and checking their performances and client communication.


Skills that are a must for this article are as follows:

Sales Development / Digital Marketing

This can be defined as the route or path to the technical field. Sales are a great way for peoples to get into Tech, without needing engineering or any computer science background.

This article can also vary by company to company. The main work in sales is to focus on revenue and keeping a tech company afloat financially.


The most demanded skills are:

Database Administrator

This field is all about data; big data and more data, nothing else. This field is very wide and growing day by day. Database administrators deal with analysis and evaluation of valuable information from humongous data. This data can be of any client company, customer and so on. The DataBase Administrator (DBA) job is to manage the data in an organized fashion depending on the needs and requirements.

For more detailed info about that field please go through this article, it's all about data and big data analysis, future scope and several other facts.



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