Create Document Library in SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has added many new features in SharePoint 2013. Today I will show how to create a Document Library.

Create Document Library

  1. On the top right hand side select Site contents and click on Add an app as shown below.

    add an app
  2. Select Document Library App.

    Document Library App
  3. Provide the name of the Document Library. Here I am giving the name Finance Documents. Then click on the Create button. An advanced options is to provide more for the Document Library like Description of the Document, version settings and Document Template.

    Document Template
  4. You can find FinanceDocuments on the left hand side and in the apps list with the New option as shown below.

  5. Click on FinanceDocument on the left hand side.

    FinanceDocument on the left hand side
  6. In SharePoint 2013 you can upload the documents using browse or you can directly drag and drop the documents from the local system to SharePoint Document Library.

    Click on New Document and upload the document using the browse option. If you want you can overwrite the file using the check box and finally click on the OK button.

    New Document
  7. You have uploaded the document into the Document Library.

    uploaded the document

It's so simple to create a Document Library in SharePoint Point 2013.

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