Essentials of SharePoint 2010: Business Intelligence Capabilities

Destin joy, Mahesh Chand

This EBook provides some information Business Intelligence capabilities of SharePoint 2010.

  • Published on Jul 31 2012
  • Pages 104
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This eBook provides some information Business Intelligence capabilities of SharePoint 2010. The reader will then be taken through all the tasks like reporting, maintaining scorecards, handling power pivot, dealing with access services, PerformancePoint and so on. This will be a practical tutorial to using BI Center. It will not cover basic content and configuration part, but get readers up and running with more intermediate-advanced functionality. SharePoint 2010 provides a flexible platform to expose business intelligence (BI) functionalities for end users by using platform capabilities, all through a familiar user interface. In this book, we cover capabilities that are available for exposing information to end users, including Charting capabilities, Access Services, Visio Services, Excel Services, and Performance Point Services. We also discuss development options and possibilities to further extend the capabilities that are available.
This book covers the following topics:
  • Working with Charting web part
  • Performing Analysis with Excel and Excel Services
  • SSAS Cube
  • SSAS cube Creation
  • Invoking the Cube Wizard
  • Defining Calculated Members
  • PerformancePoint 2010 Configuration
  • Configuring Secure Store
  • Configure the unattended service account for PerformancePoint Services
  • Creating Business Intelligent Site and installing Performance Point Designer 2010
  • Generating PerformancePoint Reports and Charts from SSAS Cube
  • Type of PerformancePoint Reports
  • Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode
  • How to Create SSRS Report with SharePoint 2010 Integrated Mode
  • Visio Services in SharePoint 2010
  • Installing and Configuring Visio Services
  • Use of Visio Services

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