Getting Started with Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2010

Vijai Anand Ramalingam

If you want to learn how to work with managed metadata service in SharePoint 2010, this book is for you. This book explains the basic concepts of managed metadata service in a simple way and written in a step by step tutorials format.

  • Published on Sep 06 2012
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This book is targeted to the SharePoint developers who have some basic knowledge of SharePoint 2010 and want to learn and work with the Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2010.
  • Managed Metadata Service Application: An Overview
  • Managed Metadata Service Application
  • Managed Metadata Connections
  • Share Content Types Across Site Collections And Web Applications
  • Managed Metadata
  • Multilingual Term Sets In Sharepoint 2010
  • Managed Metadata Column
  • Taxonomy Hidden List
  • Configure Enterprise Metadata And Keywords Settings
  • Location-Based Metadata Defaults
  • Metadata Navigation And Filtering
  • Publish Managed Metadata Service Application Across Farms
  • Metadata Search In Sharepoint 2010
  • Limitations Of Managed Metadata Column In Sharepoint 2010
  • Managed Metadata Related Issues And How To Resolve