Setting Up SharePoint 2016 Multi-Server Farm In Azure

Priyaranjan K S

This book is about how you can use step by step SharePoint 2016 Multi-Server farm in Azure with Azure Active Directory and Mini Roles.

  • Published on Aug 30 2016
  • Pages 170
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This book takes the readers through the step by step procedure of setting up the SharePoint 2016 farm in Azure. The author has described thoroughly the new features of SharePoint 2016, SharePoint farms, steps of setting up the Virtual Machine, configuration of Active Directory, setting up Azure Virtual Network, and creation and configuration of Mini Roles Virtual Machine, in order to setting up the Multi-Server farm of SharePoint 2016 in Azure.
The self-explanatory images and easy-to-understand language have made this book a gem for the SharePoint developers, either novice or expert. The author says, “The users reading this book needn’t to have in-depth working knowledge of SharePoint. Even without expert knowledge, administrators and developers can set up a SharePoint 2016 farm in Azure.
Table Of Content 
  • Introduction
  • Set up Azure environment
  • SharePoint Farm Architecture
    • Active Directory Domain Controller VM
    • SQL Server 2016 VM
    • SharePoint Server 2016 VM
    • Search Mini Role VM
  • SharePoint 2016 Farm Architectural Diagram
    • High Level Process Flow
  • Virtual Network Configuration
    • Create an Azure Virtual Network
  • Active Directory Configuration
    • Create AD VM
    • Assign Static IP to the AD VM
    • Provision Active Directory Domain Services
    • Promote VM to Domain Controller
    • Add DNS entry in Virtual Network
  • Create and Configure SQL VM
    • Create SQL VM
    • Assign static IP to SQL VM
    • Move SQL VM to Domain
  • Create and Configure SharePoint VM
    • Create SharePoint Application Server VM
    • Assign Static IP to the SharePoint VM
    • Configure Administrative Service Accounts
    • Move SharePoint VM to Domain
    • Install SharePoint Server 2016
    • Configure SharePoint Server 2016
    • First hand SharePoint User Experience
  • Create and Configure Mini Role VM
    • Create Mini Role VM
    • Assign Static IP to the Mini Role VM
    • Move Mini Role VM to the Domain
    • SharePoint Installation in Mini Role VM
    • Configure SharePoint as Mini Role
    • Configure Search in Mini Role VM
  • Summary