Mobile App Developers Should Know About Windows 10 App Development

I started my mobile app development journey three years back. At that time, I am confused to choose the platform Android, IOS or Windows Phone. After some research, I decided to start on Windows Phone but unable to show my apps to many users.

Now I’m here to tell you if you haven’t checked out Microsoft’s latest operating system, it’s the time to start with Windows 10 universal approach. Now developers have the ability to show their app in front of all windows users.

During Windows 10 release, more than 14 million users downloaded in first 24 hours. Today there are more than 200 million monthly active devices and more than 1 billion user visits Windows 10 App Store around the world.

Windows 10 Users Statics Source.

Current OS Users Graph

Current OS Users Graph

Why you should know

Previously, it’s very hard to showcase your app to 1 billion users. Now it’s very simple to showcase your app and products. It will increase in the upcoming years.

Who can develop Windows 10 App

The flexibility of HTML/CSS allows existing web and JavaScript developers to dive into Windows 10 App development.

Existing C#/XAML developers will easily develop Windows 10 App using their existing skills.


If you are an App Developer looking to expand your knowledge, no need to start learning a new programming language. It’s time to check out Windows 10 App Development If you like to see how easy it is to get your own App to Windows 10 App Store.

Useful resources to start Windows 10 App Development.

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