Google Glass UI

Google Glass UI

The UI of Google Glass is a horizontally scrollable list, that is called a Timeline. Scrolling is done through the touch pad on the right side of the Glass. The Timeline consists of cards arranged in chronological order from the oldest being on the right end. Every card is information-based like picture, video, Tweet, mail, call, message and so on.  Like let's say you subscribe to Twitter notifications on glass, so whenever a notification/Tweet comes it will be inserted into the timeline as a card. I will not get into the technical details right now but check out the following screen shots to get an idea of the UI.

This is the home screen for Google Glass:


Now I can say "ok glass" or tap on the right of glass (touch pad) to get options, when I said “ok glass”, these were the options I got.

This is how the timeline looks when I scroll fast but when it stops only one card is shown at a time

Single Twitter card, I shared this pic on Twitter through glass using just voice commands.

The great thing about glass is that it's not in your way like a smartphone, this is what the user looks at when using Google Glass. The left one is when the screen is off, you woudn't notice that it is there and the right one is when the screen is on, looks small here but when it is near your eye, its like a small TV on top of your right eye.

Again, stay tuned; more will follow.