Azure Powershell Cmdlets - Spinning Up A Website

Following the previous article about Microsoft Azure PowerShell we will see how easy it becomes to spin up a website when we use PowerShell Cmdlets.
So, to compare the relative ease, we're going to see both of the processes and decide which one is more interesting and time saving. 
How you spin a up a website using Azure Portal 
You go through the portal, Click New, Web + Mobile, then Web App.
You provide a name for your website and hit "Create:"

The web app is spinned up for you and you see the link to access it:

Allright, so you have a new website created using Azure Online Portal. Now let's see how you can do it (the exact same thing) with just single Cmdlet:
Fire up your Microsoft Azure PowerShell ISE  and run Cmdlet: "New-AzureWebsite <YourWebAppName>"
(The minimum number of parameters is 1- the name of the application).

And you wait for few seconds, if the name is not already taken, you get details of your newly created web app. It will prompt you to choose another web app name. You get all other parameters to pass on like: Location / PublishingUsername/ Hostname/Pipeline Variables etc. at your disposable. 
Just in case you want to remove this app, use "Remove-AzureWebsite" Cmdlet. Yes, it does prompt you for final removal confirmation. Isn't that cool?

In this article we learned how to spin up a website just by using a single Cmdlet. We will explore more of the Cmdlets in the coming articles!
Thanks for reading! 

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