Lock The OOB Edit Form In SharePoint


You have a SharePoint list and a custom new/edit/delete form for it. The custom form will allow controlled editing of the item, plus some validations.

It means User A cannot edit User B’s item. How to achieve this?


I am recommending various solutions for this scenario.

Solution 1: Item Level Permissions

One easy solution is using the List, Advanced Settings, then Item-Level Permissions.

Advanced Settings

But, this solution won’t work if you need Approvers group to edit the items.

Solution 2: Delete Edit Form using SharePoint Designer

Here we can delete the edit form of list & provide another custom HTML form to manage the restricted edit. To delete the edit form, here are the steps:

Open the list in SharePoint Designer, thenLocate the EditForm.aspx and Choose Delete option.

Open SharePoint Designer and click Your list.


Go to the Forms section as in the following screenshot:


From the ribbon choose the Delete option.

From the ribbon choose the Delete


Save changes and now Open the list in browser.
edit item

You should not be getting the Edit form now. Although the following error needs to be modified.



  • You require design permission to work with SharePoint Designer. You may also wish to delete the user control from the Edit form and provide a friendly message to the user.

  • In future you can always restore the custom edit form using SharePoint Designer.

  • Please note that we cannot change the permission of the user as there are other permission-sensitive forms to work on. This is the reason we are locking OOB Edit Forms.


In this article we explored a real-world scenario of locking OOB Edit Forms.

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