SharePoint and Job Market 2015

For the past year I have been receiving more queries on the SharePoint job market like:

  1. What is the scope of SharePoint Developer going ahead?
  2. Will SharePoint Online take away SharePoint Administrator jobs?
  3. Are SharePoint jobs declining?
  4. What is the market range for SharePoint professionals?

I would like to answer these queries based on my research and to the broader audience.

Scope of SharePoint Developer

I cannot clearly see a trend-reversal in SharePoint Developer demands. I agree that moving to SharePoint Online could have reduced many Administrative jobs, but still there are power users and developers needed.

Again, moving to the cloud emphasizes the importance of client-side coding in SharePoint. The following skills are in increasing demands for a SharePoint Developer:

  1. Client-Side Object Model using CSOM (JSOM, REST, OData)
  2. HTML 5
  3. Non-App Solutions using CSOM
  4. SharePoint Hosted Apps (JSOM/REST)
  5. Provider Hosted Apps (Power Programming using C#)

This also means, the Server Object Model style is slowly dying. So if you are serious with your Server Object Model skills and C#, I recommend you move towards PHA or App-Development/CSOM.



Not enough Supplies

The current market in 2015 shows that, there are not enough Skilled SharePoint developers, especially in the Hot Skills above. If you are a SharePoint-PHA developer with good practice on PHA server configuration, app deployment, I am telling you, you could demand the highest-salary in the SharePoint segment.

So the SharePoint Developer market is short of supplies.

About Administrators

As I said, although SharePoint Online is taking away many Administrator jobs, the migration is slower.

  • There are many customers still using SharePoint 2010. So the Administrator job should be safe for the next few years too.
  • Not all customers can go online. Friction of data-security stops them from going online.
  • SharePoint Online frees up some areas of work, like Server Configuration, Farm Configuration, Scaling, Database Tuning and so on.
  • SharePoint Online still requires administration and power user activities. There is a PowerShell version for SharePoint Online too.
  • Hybrid environments are gaining speed that provides the right advantage-mix of SharePoint On-Premise and Online versions.

For Administrators, I recommend the bullet points of SharePoint Online, Yammer, Exchange Online, Lync Online and SharePoint Online Management Shell in their Resume.


How much you can get in the USA

Now, let us talk about the money! Of course, money is a key-factor for a career.

My research says that, the following are the hottest SharePoint required areas in the US.

  1. Washington DC
  2. New York / New Jersey
  3. Silicon Valley

The pay rate goes as in the following for a 10 year experienced developer, with at least 5 year SharePoint experience.

  1. 100-120k USD in the lower range
  2. 120-170k USD in the higher range

How much you can get in India

The hottest cities for SharePoint jobs are:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Mumbai

My friends over India says about the following market rates.

  1. 8-12 Lakhs INR in the lower range
  2. 12-18 Lakhs INR in the higher range


Good News.

The good news is that SharePoint is still growing, whether on-premise or online versions. There are many migrations happening from Non-SharePoint systems to SharePoint. The Migration tool sellers also enjoy the show.

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