File Plan Report in SharePoint 2013

The file plan report is one of the ways to support Record Management in SharePoint 2013. It is used to classify and categorize records based on unique retention and disposition requirements, and in many cases, security requirements as well.

There are two types of File Plans in SharePoint 2013.They are as follows:

  • Folder-based file plans
  • Library-based file plans

The following information can be collected in an Excel format.

  1. Site
  2. URL
  3. Description
  4. Report Generated
  5. Created By
  6. Folder Count
  7. Item Count
  8. Versioning
  9. Require Content Approval
  10. Draft Item Security
  11. Source of retention schedules
  12. Has Records
  13. Has Items on Hold

In this article, we will see how to set up the File Plan report for a Document Library.

Step 1: Navigate to the Generate File Plan report from Library Settings.

Generate File Plan report
Step 2: Specify the location to store the file plan report in the Save Location and click Ok.

location to store the file Plan report

Step 3: The notification screen once the setup is finished completely.

Notification screen
Step 4: The sample File Plan report is as shown below. It has three sheets. This is the default view of the Summary Sheet.

  1. Summary
  2. Retention Details
  3. Folder Details.
Sample File Plan report 
Step 5: The following picture depicts the folder view of the File Plan Report.

depicts folder view of the File Plan Report

Step 6: The location where the File Plan Report is stored is shown below.


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