Create a Group in SharePoint 2013

This article explains how to create a group in a SharePoint site and how to add and delete users of the group in SharePoint 2013.

Step 1: Login to the SharePoint 2013 site as an administrator (System Account).

Step 2: Click the settings menu near User account (System Account). The following popup will appear. In that item details click the "Site settings".

Site settings

Step 3: After clicking the site settings the following screen will be opened. In the site settings click the "Site permissions".

site permissions

Step 4: After clicking the site permissions the following screen will be shown. Click the create group menu under "PERMISSIONS" as in the following image.

group menu under PERMISSIONS

Step 5: Enter a group name in name and the about me description column.

group name

Confirm the group owner as an administrator (System Account).

group owner as an administrator
Permission Level

There are 10 permission levels for SharePoint groups in SharePoint 2013. Refer to the following image.

permission levels for SharePoint groups

After selecting the permission level, click the "Create" button.

select the permission level

The group will be created and it’s shown by the following image.

group created

Add Users in SharePoint Group

Click a new open menu. Add users as in the following image.

Add Users

The following popup will be shown.


Enter the names and email addresses of the users and click the "Share" button.

names, email address of the users

The user will be added in that group.

user added in that group

Remove Users from SharePoint Group

Select the user that you want to delete and click the remove users from group below the "Actions" open menu.

remove users from group

Click the "Ok" button to delete the user.

button to delete the user

Delete a SharePoint Group

Open the group that you want to delete. Click the group settings below the settings open menu.

Open the group to delete

Click a "Delete" button to delete a group in the SharePoint site.

delete a group in SharePoint site


In this article we have explored how to create a SharePoint group and add and delete users and also delete the SharePoint group in SharePoint 2013.

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