SharePoint 2013 Mail Box

You don't believe me, right?

Welcome to your own mail box in your SharePoint site. Yes all the owners and members have access to their own mail box in their SharePoint site.

Let's see how it is possible.

Go to Site Contents of the site and click on Add an App.

Add an App

Click on Site Mailbox under the Noteworthy classification.

Site Contents

You will see the following message that “Your new site mailbox is being set up..”.

Site MailBox

Once it is done it will ask you to wait for 30 minutes and will tell you to go back to your site.

Mailbox has been created

After 30 minutes if you go to site contents and click on the mail box you will be asked to set up the default Language and Time Zone as in the screen below.

Language and Timezone

Once you click submit, you will get the message “Outlook Web App Starting” as in the following:

outlook Web App

Believe me or not, you can see your own mail box configured in the site itself as in the following.

Sorry for coloring it up but it is for all security reasons.

Here you can see an Inbox on the left side as an outlook.

Outlook Inbox

As per the email you can read the users that will be emailed to a defined email id, for example SM-Homepage will be received and stored directly on the site and is viewable to all members and owners.


That's not enough, we also have settings for our Homepage where under the categories you have other stuff.

Account: Under Account you have options like our own Outlook accounts as in the following:

  • Set up an automatic reply message
  • Connect your mobile phone or device to your account.
  • Connect outlook to this account

My Account

Then we have the category Organize Email where you can set up the following:

  • Inbox rules
  • Automatic replies
  • Delivery reports
  • Retention policies
    Same as our Outlook configuration.

InBox Rules

Then we have our next category as Settings where we can configure:

  • Email signature
  • Message format
  • Read receipts
  • Reading pane

Email Signature

Then we have Phone as another category where you can configure your mobile devices directly to your site to view the mailbox.

Mobile Devices

Lastly we have a block or allow in the category that provides an option to block users or define the path of the emails.

Block or Allow

This is now one of my favorite features in Office 365/ SharePoint 2013 so as I tell you always,
Keep Learning!