Set a Network Location For Windows 8 File History


In this article we are going to explain how to set a network location for Windows 8 file history. When we delete files and folders in Windows 8 then Windows 8 maintains a file history and a regular back up of the files. If we use a server or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, it's easy to back up to it. If we don't want  to include an extra internal or external drive attached then this is an easy process to use.

Procedure to set the file history to a network location

Step 1

By default, the Windows 8 file history is turned off. So we need to enable it first.

Step 2

After that open "Control Panel" and click "file history".


Step 3

Then we press the "Win + W" shortcut key to bring up the "Settings" search and type "file history" and click the "File History icon" under the search results.


Step 4

Next click the "Select Drive hyperlink" on the left side.


Step 5

Then click the "Add Network Location" button under select file history Drive.


Step 6

Then we click "Turn on network discovery and file sharing".


Step 7

A dialog box will come up asking where to enable network discovery and file sharing. Then select the first option.


Step 8

Now simply browse to the location on your server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) where we want File History backed up to.


Step 9

After that we're brought back to the File History screen in the Control Panel. We'll see it's now turned on and it should save copies of your files right away.


Step 10

Under Advanced Settings we can select how often we want Windows 8 to scan for file changes and back up your File History. It's set to check every hour by default.