SQL Server Installation Restart Required Error

When we install SQL Server then sometimes the error "Restart Required" occurrs as in the following image:

Restart Required

When we click on the error the following message is shown:


To solve the problem, restart the PC then start the installation again. If the problem occurs again then use the following procedure. I will first tell you why these errors occour repeatdly because when you install SQL Server then some of the installation files are pending so that it shows the Restart PC message. I will now tell you how to solve the error.

1. Open the "Run" window by clicking window and type run.

Open the run

2. Type "Regedit" to open the Registery Editor.

3. Click on "OK". The Registery Editor is opened.
register editor

4. Find the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager" and select "Pending File Rename Operation".
Pending File Rename Operation

5. Double-click on the pending file rename operation.
rename operation 

6. Remove all the code and click on "OK".
7. Close the Registery Editor .
8. Click the Rerun button of the SQL Server Installation.

Then the error Restart Required is not shown. For more articles visit my blog:


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