Tools in SQL Server Management Studio

This article shows how to use Tools in SQL Server Management Studio.

When we open SQL Server Management Studio then the following tools appear:

  1. Object Explorer.
  2. Object Explorer Details.
  3. Query Editor.
  4. Transact Structure Query Language(TSQL).

All these 4 tools are related to the DataBase Engine.
1. Object Explorer

Object Explorer
Object Explorer explorers all  objects available on the server to which you are connected in a hierarchy. You can open the Object Explorer by choosing Object Explorer from the View menu.
2. Object Explorer Details

Object Explorer Details
This window shows a list of objects available in the selected object category within the Object Explorer. The purpose of the Object Explorer and Object Explorer details are to work with SQL Server using GUI without any typing a command. The shortcut key to open Explorer Details is F7
3. Query Editor
Query Editor
Query editor is used to work with SQL Server by typing in commands without using a GUI. You can open that Query Editor by clicking on New Query within the toolbar. The shortcut key to execute the command in the Query Editor is F5.
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