Insert Picture in Word 2013

Microsoft Word allows importing pictures into your Word document. You can also insert a variety of graphics into a Word document that makes Word documents prettier.

In this article you will learn how to insert a picture into a Word document and apply various operations on the image to make your document prettier.

Do the following to insert a picture into your Word document.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word 2013 and enter text into your Word document.


Step 2

Now put your mouse pointer where you want to insert a picture into your document.

Step 3

Click on the Insert Tab and move the mouse pointer in the illustrations group and click over the Picture button.


Step 4

The Insert Picture dialog box opens where you can select any picture available in your computer. And click the Insert button available in the Insert Picture dialog box.


Step 5

Now you will see your selected image is inserted into your document at your desired location.


Step 6

Double click on the inserted picture in your document then Word will give you several options for formatting the picture in the Format Tab. Such as picture style, arrange the picture, rotate picture according to angle and corrections effect.


Note: You can also rotate the picture in arbitrary angles (any angle) by just clicking on the rotate button.


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