Getting Started With Microsoft Flow

Vijai Anand Ramalingam

This book discusses the basic introduction to Microsoft Flow for beginners.

  • Published on Oct 20 2016
  • Pages 97
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The eBook “Getting Started With Microsoft Flow ” provides an overview of what Microsoft Flow is and how a user can start working on it. The step by step procedure of every operation is given in details. The book is just like a training manual for end-users, which takes them through creating their own flows either by using the pre-built templates or from the scratch, using SharePoint Online.
Users also get to know how to manage the flows they have created, along with the knowledge on management of connections. The easy language, relevant images, and useful code snippets with proper examples help the end-users developing their own application with extreme ease.

Table Of Content
  • Introduction to Microsoft Flow
  • Prerequisites
  • Create a flow from the built-in templates
    • Send a customized Email, when a new SharePoint list item is added
    • When an item in a SharePoint list is modified, send an Email
    • Save my Email attachments to a SharePoint document library
    • Send me an Email, when a new file is added in SharePoint online
    • Save tweets to a SharePoint list
    • Save updates from Facebook to a SharePoint List
    • Send SharePoint list items for an Email approval
  • Create a Flow from blank
    • Post to my Facebook timeline, when a new item is created in a SharePoint List
    • Post to Facebook or Twitter based on condition, when SharePoint list item is created
  • Manage Flows
    • My Flows Page
    • Turn on/off Flow
    • Edit/update Flow
    • Delete Flow
    • Flow History
  • Manage Connections
    • My Connections Page
    • Create New Connection
    • Connect via on-premise data gateway
    • Delete connection
  • Manage gateways
    • Install and Manage on-premise data gateway
  • Reference
  • Summary