Design Query Editor In SQL Server

In case of most developers who are not much in practice of writing / applying queries in SQL, we have option of writing query by designing form.

In SQL Server 2014 Management Studio we have few options to perform script writing in efficient way, it acts as an add-in to the Query Window. By design form the need of remembering query syntax is not of much need.

Writing script through design form is known as Query designer that work as graphical user interface. We can use Tables, Views, and Functions columns to perform a combine query for desired output.

Step 1. Basic steps of writing Query through design form through Object Explorer,

  1. Create a Database


  2. Once database is created, right click on database Table and create new table as in the following,


  3. Fill table columns


    Select table script with create, drop, select, insert, delete queries syntax available.


Step 2: Basic Steps of writing Query through Display Query in Editor Option,

Firstly, open a new query window: Then select Query option from standard tool bar and then click on Design Query in Editor,


You will see a new design form: With options Tables, Views, Functions, and Synonyms.


Select the different table columns for which you want to write queries: I have selected multiple fields from different tables to perform queries by checking the column field.


By selecting multiple columns from different tables, I performed Join operation to get output.


We have option to perform various queries by using Order by, Group by, Where, Joins clauses, etc. 

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