Importing SQL Server Table In Excel File

Microsoft Excel consists of one of the most important feature that is accessing data from other sources. In excel sheet it is possible to import data of other sources like SQL Server by the use of Data Connection Wizard.

Once data is imported from SQL Server Database, it can be used for further processing in excel sheet.

Steps for Importing SQL Server Table 

  1. Open your excel file, go to the DATA tab, then select From Other Sources, Now click on From SQL Server.


  2. Now in Connect to Database Server: Fill the SQL Server Name and Login Credentials to login to your server, Click on Next.


  3. In Select Database and Table: Select your database with the table that you want to import.


    Once you have selected your database, Select your table that you want to import. Click on Next.


  4. In Data Connection Wizard: By default it is saving the Data connection file, you can change its location through Browse and also you can change file saving name. In Authentication Setting you can see Excel Authentication settings by default it is of Windows authentication.

    Now click on Finish button.


  5. In Import Data: Select option how you want to view data in your workbook/excel sheet, it can be in Table or Pivot Table report or Pivot Chart and pivot Table report.

    You can also change location of import data in your excel file by selecting Existing worksheet or in a New worksheet in your excel file. You can view import data properties by clicking on Properties option. Click OK.


  6. In SQL Server Login: You can see and fill your SQL Server names, Filled Login Id and Password, in options you can see Database name, Excel Application Name and WorkStation ID that is your server name. 

Now click on OK button. The SQL Server Database selected Table is now in Excel Sheet. Here's the screenshot,


My system Sql Server Database Table


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