Change the Master Page to Site in SharePoint 2013 Online

In this article I would like to share the procedure to change the separate Master Page for a SharePoint subsite.

Master Pages

Master Pages provide the look and feel that you want for all of the pages in your site. By changing the styles or content of the Master Page, you can quickly customize the appearance of an entire site.

Procedure to change the Master Page on a Subsite

Use the following procedure to change the Master Page.

Step 1

Open your site, then click on the settings and from the drop down choose the site settings as shown below:

site settings in share point

Step 2

When you click on the site settings, you will be navigated to the site settings page as shown below.

navigated to the site settings page

NOTE: By default the “Master Page” option is not available in the SharePoint site. You should activate the “SharePoint Server publishing feature” in your site for “Master Page settings”. Go to the “Manage site features” on your site settings, then activate the publishing feature.

SharePoint Server publishing feature

Step 3

Then click on the Master Page on the site settings page from the “look and feel” section as shown below.

Master Page in sharepoint

Step 4

When you select the “Master Page”, you will get the site Master Page settings as shown below.

master page setting in sharepoint
Step 5

On the Site Setting page you have the following two options:

  1. Inherit site Master Page from parent of this site  If you checked this option parent site Master Page will be applied to your site
  2. Specify a mast page to be used by tis site and all sites that inherit from it  if you checked this you can set the separate Master Page for your subsite.

Here I've selected “Specify a master page to be used by this site and all sites that inherit from it”.

Specify a mast page
Step 6

You can select the Master Page from drop down as shown below.

NOTE: If you have published custom Master Pages then those Master Page will also be available on the drop down. Here I've selected the “oslo” master for my sub site.

oslo option in sharepoint

Step 7

After you selected the Master Page, click on the “ok” button to save your changes as shown below.

oslo option save your changes in sharepoint

“Finally selected Master Page will be applied on your sub site successfully”.

change master page in sharepoint

In this article we explored how to apply the separate Master Page for a subsite.

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