Remove Quick Edit Option From SharePoint 2013 List

In SharePoint 2013 we have a good option in SharePoint List, i.e. bulk edit. In SharePoint 2010 it is not available, and also we can remove this option from the list.

Here I’ve explained a simple way to remove this option,

Edit Option


Here are the steps to remove the Quick Edit Option,

Step 1: Open the List in SharePoint Site,

List in SharePoint Site

Step 2: Select List option from the ribbon bar to go to the list settings as in the following screenshot:

Select List option

Step 3: Then click on the List Settings on the ribbon bar,

click on the List settings

Step 4: On the List settings page select the Advanced settings option

advanced settings

Step 5: Then scroll down the advanced settings page, you will get the following option,

advanced settings page

Step 6: Check the “No” on advanced settings page to open the form on dialog,

Check the No

Step 7: Click “Ok” to save the settings.

Click Ok

Finally Quick “Edit” option will be removed from your site.



In this article we explored how to remove the Quick Edit option in SharePoint 2013 List.

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