Search and Insert Online Images in Excel 2013

In Excel 2013 there is a new feature to add online pictures or images in your worksheet. Probably in an earlier version of Excel when you want to insert a picture in a worksheet, you insert the picture or image from the local computer drives. But when you want to get images from the internet, first you must download it from the internet onto your computer system and then, insert it into the worksheet.

But now, in Excel 2013 you are free from this lengthy work. Instead of searching images from online first then embedding it in the Excel sheet, Microsoft has provided a new way to insert online pictures and images while editing your Excel sheet.

You can search and insert online pictures from various types of sources such as from the free photo library, and you can also search for a Bing Image and you can also browse a skydrive folder to insert the picture into the worksheet.

Steps to be followed to Search & Insert Pictures Online into a Worksheet.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel 2013.


Step 2: Open a new Excel Workbook and choose the template from the list you want to use.


Step 3: Go to the insert tab from the menu at the top of window. Then, select the Online Pictures option from the list.


Step 4: A window is opened; select the option from where you want to search the images. Enter the related keyword in the textbox and search it.


Step 5: You can also search for a picture from other places. Click on the "Also insert from:" other. This will help you to get all your images in one place.


Step 6: It will display a list of related images in the window.


Step 7: Choose image and click on the insert button to insert it into the Excel worksheet.


Step 8: The selected images will looks like this.


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