Tips For Making Your CV Impressive

How to create an impressive CV or Resume? What should a CV contain and what it should not contain?

Making a specific and to-the-point document (resume/CV) that represents you, is not so hard. It doesn't even require a professional's touch. When you start writing your CV, read and read your materials with a recruiter's eyes.

A resume is shorter than a CV and it should be 2-3 pages maximum, whereas a CV for an experienced person should not be more than 4-5 pages. Always remember, profile shortlisting is not an hour job but it is done in a few minutes or better in seconds. So, you need to show your skills and exposure in such a fashion that can be easily scrutinized by recruiters and your CV can be shortlisted. Don't increase the paper weight with your experience years but smartly show your ability and skills so that your CV can be picked in not more than 30-40 seconds.

The following important points should be kept in mind when making a CV.

Objective is not necessary, so no need to have it.

I have seen most people put an Objectives section in their CVs at the top with some impressive line(s). Do you think the recruiter would becomme sufficiently convinced and impressed with these lines and keep you in the privileged? Not at all. I agree that your CV should be qualitative so that it can get shortlisted but you would also agree that shortlisting of the CV doesn't guarantee you for the position. It is your knowledge and exposure that make you able to get a job.

Summarize your profile at the beginning but it shouldn't be a big list.

Don't get started adding a summary in a list that is already under your Projects, Education and Experience section. You should take care and awareness when adding your profile summary.

It can be more related to the job you are seeking like domain expertise and skill expertise. I have seen most people make a big list/paragraph with their technical skills and projects. It is not required at all since it is already in the trailing pages of your CV.

Don't put your all projects in your CV but mention a few projects you have worked on that matche or relate to the skills and domain for which you are applying

If you have worked on about 10-15 big projects, then mentioning all of them would be like writing a history and off-course since no one has so much time to go through page by page. Instead, mention your 4-5 projects only (best fit for skill set and domain) that can help you to be a good candidate for the position you are applying for. Also, don't forget to mention that you are listing only relevant and current projects and not all.

Don't put your very personal details like how many brothers/sisters you have, your name and so on. It is all about increasing the length of the CV.

It is not required at all. You are just wasting your paper and the time of CV reviewers.

Keep a section for special training if any you have attended during your tenure with an employer or yourself.

Some employers sometimes provide special training to their employees. You should attend these training. It shows your awareness about updates on the latest trends and seriousness. Also, sometimes it adds value in consideration.

Whether a CV should contain your Social Media Accounts or not

No, if you are applying for a core development/testing stream.

Yes, if you are in SEO, HR or where social links help in business.

Keep only related skills and unnecessarily don't show a big list of skills

This is very important. Most people mentions so many skill-sets that even those are not related/matched with the job profile they are applying for. Please remove all those and keep your list more relevant.

Don't decorate your CV so much

Even if you are good at a paint brush, do not decorate your resume or CV. Make it simple and to-the-point.

Mention your awards if you have been awarded

It shows your activeness, so you can include this information. But, again it should be related to the position you are applying for, otherwise it is better to not have it.

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