Creating the Desktop Contact in Access 2013

Microsoft provides many new techniques we use in Office 2013. In this article I explain how to create the desktop contact template using Access 2013. In this the template is already available on the net, we just use it and see the result. For doing this use the following steps:

Step 1 : Open Access 2013. A window is opened asking which type of database to create. In this select Desktop contact as:


Step 2 : Now give the name of the database that you want to give and then click ok like:


Step 3 : After clicking on the create button the template for desktop contacts is opened as:


Step 4 : Now enter some data; after filling in some data the database looks like:


After entering the data you see that the open link is maintained for each and every entry; to open it click the link. The details looks like:


We can also insert the image of the particular contact person.

Step 5 : We can also insert more fields by clicking the Hide/Show field option like:


When we click it the window is opened like, in which we can select the fields that we want to add in the contact list as:


Step 6 : Now to generate the report of all the desktop contacts click on the Phone book at the left side of Access 2013 as:


The Phone book will open and display the records as:


Now we can also print this report to summarize the contacts list.

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