8 Tips On How Millennials Can Make A Career Change

On an average, a worker has 7 to 10 careers in a lifetime. Today, the rate is even higher. Millennials today do not believe to stay at a job for more than three years. Today the work force is more global, mobile, tech savy, have solid social media skills and are extremely optimistic about their job plans. With copious opportunities at the fingertips, making a career change has become more acceptable than easy. If you are in a stage looking for a career change, the following article will guide you towards a smooth way to make a career change.

With their professional online presence, a well formatted professional resume and the confidence of grabbing a job, millennials today are more out in the open than any other generation. Why is there such instability that has never been observed in the past?

This is because, every person today is looking to work for a business that is a start-up and has less number of people. A lot of people today want a fun working environment where they can make their own working hours. Well, this might not work for everyone. But if you are one of them feeling stuck at a job constantly thinking about changing a job, go ahead and step into the career change mode.

Make a Career Change
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Just before you do that, line up some steps so that you successfully make it. Here is what you should do:

Ask Yourself Why do You Need the Shift

I Need Change

Are you not challenged at work? Do you feel bored? Do you want to be a part of a start-up, where you can learn more? Are you looking for job satisfaction, monetary satisfaction or something else? Before you decide you move into a new career you need to ask yourself why. What is it that you are looking in a new phase of your career?

When you know why you need the change, your search will accordingly. This time take time and settle for something you would love to do. This will make you stay at a job more.

What Would You Require For the Shift

When you decide or rather when you know where do you want to go, consider that if it would require you to go back to school for any advanced degree? Find out if internship or voluntary work in this field would help you get the job? For example, if you want to shift to journalism, freelancing and content writing are a great way to start. You could even do some part time/ work from activities that are related to your job, while you are still at the job. You could add some pennies while you are still in the search mode.

What Skills Can Help You

During a course of time you might have acquired some skills. What do you expertise in? Project management, graphic design or something else. You definitely have some abilities and talent within yourself. What you need to do is to decide where you can use these talents in your desired field can? Find out what skills are most valued in your new field and in a course of time adapt them. For this you could check out professional resumes samples in your field to know what you need to add to your own resume.

Study Again!

Follow industry trends, follow channels, social media pages to get smart about the new industry. Keep yourself up to date with news alerts. Keep a check on major players and follow companies that particularly interest you. Talk to people associated with the industry to further get a clear understanding of the industry insights. Also, find out if you need to pursue any other course to be a part of your desired field.

Have Long and Short Term Goals

Keep in mind that a changing a career can take from months to years. You need to have short term and long term strategies to meet your financial and career needs. For example, if your new desired field needs you to do a new course, you should start planning your finances accordingly. Similarly you need to know other things and have short and long term goals.

Market Yourself!

Update your online resume, social media profiles and let your networks know that you have a changed interest. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a change. You never know who can help you with something. That could just be some additional knowledge or a chance to meet someone associated with the industry.

Also, make sure you have your personal pitch ready so that you can explain your professional journey to other people.

Explore and Expand Your Network

Reconnect with your school mates, friends, colleagues and anyone that you know. During this shift you need contacts who can help you and draft an easier path for you. Use your network to get in touch with industry experts, professionals working in the same industry and even people who can help you draft a perfect professional resume for your shift.

Stay on Top!

Stay on top of news, industry trends and other events so that you have a reason to reach out to potential employers or someone in the industry. Get friendly and congratulate people on job moves and promotions. Reaching out is a two-way street where as much as you give, the more you will receive. This would help you to move further in your career path.

All the best for your career change!

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