Use of Timeline in PivotTable in Excel 2013

This is a new feature introduced in Excel 2013. This feature is used to filter data that was filled in our sheet. This feature filters the data of the Pivot Table. We can  filter the data based on the years, day, month or quarters using the timeline feature. We can filter the Pivot Table data through this new feature of Excel 2013.

Let's have a look at the following steps.

Step 1

Go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Now select the blank workbook templates from the available templates.


Step 3

Now first fill the sheet with the following data.


Step 4

Now first we will make a Pivot Table and to do this just select the insert menu option like this:


Step 5

And under it just select the Pivot Table option like this:


Step 6

Now A create Pivot Table dialog box will appear like this and in it just select the existing Worksheet option like this:


Step 7

Now select some range of the Excel sheet where we want to show the data in the form of a Pivot Table and click on the ok button:


Step 8

Now select the checkboxes indicating the Pivot Table Fields like this:


Step 9

A Pivot Table will appear like this:


Step 10

Now to filter the data in the Pivot Table according to the timelines just again select the insert menu option like this:


Step 11

Now click on the Timelines option like this:


Step 12

An Insert Timelines dialog box will appear and in it just select the Delivery Date check box and click on the ok button like this:


Step 13

A Delivery Date Time Line will appear according to the month like this:


Step 14

If in this we will select the September and August month then in the Pivot Table my data will be filtered according to the September and August month.


Step 15

If we want to filter the data according to the days in the timeline then we will select the days option from the following DropDownList:


Step 16

Now the days TimeLine will appear like this:


Step 17

Now in this if we will select some set of days then the data which lies within these in the Pivot Table will be filtered like this:


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