Create Calendar in PHP


A calendar is a schedule of events. In this article you will learn how to build a web based PHP calendar. I also describe PHP calendar functions in my previous article, and this article shows how to make a simple PHP calendar. Basically a PHP calendar is very useful, you can do things as simple as showing the date.

Example of Creating Calendar in PHP

<html >



function create_Calendar($month,$year) {

//array containing days of week.


    $WeeksDays = array('Su','Mo','Tu','We','Th','Fr','Sa');


// define first day of the month.

    $firstDayOfMonth = mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year);


// no of days in month.   

    $numberDays = date('t',$firstDayOfMonth);


//get first day of month

    $dateComponents = getdate($firstDayOfMonth);


// What is the name of the month in question?

    $NameofMonth = $dateComponents['month'];


// What is the index value (0-6) of the first day of the

// month in question.

$dayOfWeek = $dateComponents['wday'];


// Create the table tag opener and day headers

    $Calendar = "<table class='Calendar'>";


    $Calendar .= "<caption>$NameofMonth $year</caption>";

    $Calendar .= "<tr>";


// Create the Calendar headers

    foreach($WeeksDays as $day) {

         $Calendar .= "<th class='header'>$day</th>";



// Create the rest of the Calendar

// Initiate the day counter, starting with the 1st.

    $currentDay = 1;

    $Calendar .= "</tr><tr>";


    if ($dayOfWeek > 0) {

         $Calendar .= "<td colspan='$dayOfWeek'>&nbsp;</td>";


    $month = str_pad($month, 2, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);

    while ($currentDay <= $numberDays) {

//  when cloumn position is 7 means Saturday then starts a new row.

         if ($dayOfWeek == 7) {

              $dayOfWeek = 0;

              $Calendar .= "</tr><tr>";


         $currentDayRel = str_pad($currentDay, 2, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);

         $date = "$year-$month-$currentDayRel";

         $Calendar .= "<td class='day' rel='$date'>$currentDay</td>";




// Complete the row of the last week in month, if necessary

    if ($dayOfWeek != 7) {

         $remainingDays = 7 - $dayOfWeek;

         $Calendar .= "<td colspan='$remainingDays'>&nbsp;</td>";


    $Calendar .= "</tr>";

    $Calendar .= "</table>";

    return $Calendar;


echo  create_Calendar(01,2013); // calling create calendar function

echo " </br>";

echo  create_Calendar(02,2013); // calling create calendar function






Note: Here I create a simple PHP function ("create_Calendar()"). You can call this function, as needed. Here I called this function like, for month of January and month of February, like "echo create_Calendar(01,2013)" and "echo  create_Calendar(02,2013)", you can set it as needed. In it I create an array which consists of the name of the days. For determining the first date of the month here I used the mktime() function.

The mktime function returns the UNIX timestamp for a date.

For example

If you write like "echo(mktime(0,0,0,1,1,13));" then it will return 1356998400. After that I use the date() function to calculate the number of days in the month. After that I used the getdate() function for obtaining the first day of the month and another process shows step-by-step and when you have finished your function code then just call it by passing the arguments like month and year ("create_Calendar(02,2013)"

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