How to Export a Task From Task Scheduler


In this article you will learn about how to export a task from the Task Scheduler so that it can be used by other users and computers.

An exported task is stored in XML Format and it contains the task's properties, triggers, actions, conditions and settings.

In one of my previous articles I told you How to use Task Scheduler to make your System Auto Shutdown, in that article a task was created that makes your System Auto Shutdown on the fulfillment of conditions.

Step 1

First of all open your Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.


Step 2

Now your Administrative Tools Window will be opened. Here you need to open the Task Scheduler by double-clicking on it.


Step 3

Now your Task Scheduler Window will be opened that will look something like this:


Here you need to click on the Task Scheduler Library that will open all the tasks that are currently residing on your system.

Step 4

From these available tasks select a task you want to export and right-click on it then on right-click select the Export option.

export 1.jpg

Step 5

Now you need to provide the path of the location where you want to store the exported file and also provide the name for this file.

export 2.jpg

Step 6

On clicking the "OK" button the export file will be created and you can check this file at the location where it was saved.

export 3.jpg

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