How to Make Your System Auto Shutdown Using Task Scheduler


In this article I explain how to make your system automatically shutdown using the Task Scheduler.

It might happen that you are working late at night on your system and you want your system to automatically shut down so that you can go and get some sleep. In those cases you can make your system automatically shut itself down after a specific time, this can be done using the Task Scheduler.

You must use the following simple steps to make your system automatically shut down.

Step 1

First of all open the "Administrative Tools" from the Start Menu.


The Administrative Tools Window will be opened, here you will find an option named "Task Scheduler", double-click on this option to open it.


Step 2

Now the Task Scheduler Window will be opened that will look something like this:


Now left-click on the Task Scheduler (Local) and choose "Create Basic Task...".


Step 3

Now the Create Basic Task Wizard will be opened where you first need to provide the name for the task. You can also provide a description for this task. After providing the name click on "Next".


In the next page, named Task Trigger, you will be asked to define the days on which the Task should be scheduled, you can provide the days according to your requirements. If you want your system to be shut down daily at the specific time then you can click on Daily or you can trigger it Weekly etcetera.


Step 4

Now you need to provide the timing for which this task will be triggered. After providing the time click on "Next".


The next page will ask you what action you want the task to perform, here click on the first option in other words "Start the Program".


Step 5

On the next page "Script/Program" is to be written, for this you need to click on the "Browse" button.


Now browse to the folder named "SysWow64", you will find this folder in the "C Drive". Since my system is 64 bits my folder is named SysWow64, otherwise it will be SysWow32. Copy the path of this folder.


Step 6

Now paste that path into the script. After pasting the path add a backslash ("\") and after that write "shutdown". So your final script will be like this:


In the Argument you need to write this "-s -t --". Here -s is for Shutdown, "-t" is for Timing and after that the seconds are given. These seconds are the time in which your system will start showing you a message about the upcoming shutdown. These seconds will work just before the timing that you have provided in Step 4.

After providing the argument and script click on "Next".

Step 7

Now a complete summary of your Task Scheduling will be shown, here you just need to click on the "Finish" Button.


When the system hits the specified time your system will start showing you a message about the shutdown.


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