How to Import a Task From Task Scheduler


In my previous article I told you How to Export a Task from Task Scheduler so that it can be used at used by other Users and Computers.

In this article I will tell you how to import a task that was exported in the previous article.

Step 1

First of all open your Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.


Now your Administrative Tools Window will be opened. Here you need to open the Task Scheduler by double-clicking on it.


Step 2

Now your Task Scheduler Window will be opened that will look something like this:

import 1.jpg

On the extreme right hand side you will see an option named "Import Task", click on this option to import the task.

import 2.jpg

Step 3

Now you need to browse to the file that you want to import. As you can see I selected the same file that was exported in the previous article.

import 3.jpg

As you provide the path and click on the "OK" button, the "Create Task" page will be opened where, by default, the General Tab will be selected, here the name of the task will be shown and it will ask you whether you want to execute this task when the user is logged on or when he is logged off. Click on "OK" for going to the next page.

import 4.jpg

Step 4

The next tab will be named as "Triggers", this tab will show you when this task will be triggered, as you can see in my case it's showing "On Idle", which means that it will be triggered when the system is in the idle state. If you want to make any type of changes in it then you can click on the "Edit" button or if you want to delete this trigger then click on the "Delete" button.

import 5.jpg

The next tab is named "Action" and it will show you the action that will be performed when the task starts.

import 6.jpg

Step 5

The next tab will be named "Conditions" and it shows the conditions that should be fulfilled to start the task, for example in my case if my system is idle for 1 hour then the task will be triggered.

import 7.jpg

Under the "Settings" tab you can specify Additional Settings that will effect the behavior of your task.

import 8.jpg

Now you can see that this task is added under the Task Scheduler Library.

import 9.jpg

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