Google Language Translator Plugin In Wordpress Using PHP


This article explains the Google Language Translator Plugin in Wordpress using PHP. Here I will describe how to install this plugin and manage it. The Google Language Translator Plugin is provided in your website using a single short code (such as "[Google-translator]"). You can easily translate your website language using this plugin. First of all you need to download the Google Language Translator Plugin setup and include it in your plugins folder in your project directory for installation.

plugins folder

And then you will open your WordPress admin panel or dashboard such as in the following:

admin login

And go to plugins and open this such as in the following:

plugins setting

And check your plugin as in the following:

checked your plugin

The next step is to select the activate option in the select box as in the following:

plugin activated

Finally, click on the "Apply" button.

click on apply

And then your plugin is activated.

plugin activated

Your Google translator plugin is now activated. Next go to the Settings and select Google Language Translator as in the following:

google language translator setting

After opening the Google Language Translator Plugin settings page, manage this setting as in the following:

manage setting

manage setting part2

And finally click on the "Save" button. Now your Google Language Translator Plugin in installed.

click on save

<?php echo do_shortcode('[google-translator]'); ?>

And I will use the code provide above and I will include it in the header file for showing the top of the website and showing like this:


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