Connecting from SQL Server 2008 Management Studio to SQL Azure

In this walkthrough we will see how to connect from Local SQL server management studio to SQL Azure. Follow the below steps.

Open SQL Server management studio


You will get Connect to server dialog box. Click cancel on that.


After canceling the dialog box click on New Query from left top


On clicking New Query, you will get the connect to server dialog box again.


Now here you need to provide, Server name of SQL Azure and Login credential of SQL Azure.

To know what is database server name of SQL Azure portal, login to Windows Azure portal with your live credential and then click on SQL Azure tab


You will get the server name in form of

Where abc is name of your SQL Azure server. We need to provide this server name at local sql server management studio.


Make sure to select SQL Server Authentication and provide login user name and password of your SQL Azure database portal.

After that before clicking Connect click on Option


Provide the database name you want to connect by default. I am connecting to Student database.


Now click on Connect to connect to SQL Azure

On successful connection to test

* from sys.databases

You will get listed all your SQL Azure databases.


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