F Sharp for Beginners: Modules in F#

All the code you write in F Sharp is, by default, in a MODULE, regardless of whether you explicitly define a module or not.

Anonymous Module

Modules in fsharp

Anonymous modules have the same name as the file name with the first letter in upper case.

Let us say,

  • You are writing code inside a file called myfile.fs
  • You have explicitly not given a module name.
  • Inside the file myfile.fs, you have code like below

    Modules in Fsharp

  • By default, the module for the above code would be Myfile (same as the file name of the code with first letter in upper case)

    F#  Modules

Creating a Module

A Module name can e
xplicitly be given by using the keyword "Module."

Fsharp modules 

Now if you want to access the variable myNumber in some other module then you can access it like below:

F-sharp modules

Creating Nested Modules

You can create nested modules by using an equal to (=) sign with the module name.

Modules in f-sharp

In the above code, we have defined nested modules. You can access the myNumber1 variable like below:

Modules fsharp

In another module, you will find inellisense also working:


This was all about Modules in F sharp.

I hope this post was useful. Thanks for reading

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