How to Map Network Drive in Windows 8

To map a shared folder or a network drive with our network to our computer, we use the Map Network drive. When we use locally connected computers in our home network we always prefer to share our files with other computer devices for eliminating the requirement of manually copying the file to external storage media and after that transfer them to other computers. It will be helpful when we want to quickly access a network drive or a shared folder without remembering the complete path of the location.
In Windows 8 if you want to map any remotely shared folder as a network drive to your local computer, you have to follow certain steps shown below:

Step 1: Login to the Windows 8 computer

Step 2: From the given option available on the applications Click on Desktop.


Step 3: Double-click on Computer icon.

Step 4: Now Click on Map Network drive button from the standard toolbar.


Step 5: Click on "Browse" to select a network drive of the folder; otherwise if you know the folder or drive you can type it directly into the "Folder" text box.



Step 6: Select "Reconnect at sign in" for connecting the drive each time when you Login.


Step 7: It will ask you the permission to access the folder.


Step 8: Once located, click on Finish button to map the remotely shared folder as a network drive to your local computer.


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