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So, you want to become a blockchain developer? Why not. Blockchain developer is one of the highest paid jobs in the software industry. The demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400 percent since 2017. The average annual salary of an experienced blockchain engineer is between $150,000 and $175,000, according to CNBC.
This article covers a few common blockchain developer questions such as: How do I become a blockchain developer? What skills do I need to become a blockchain developer? Where do I start? and What is the best blockchain for me?
Blockchain is one of the Top 5 In-Demand Technologies Of 2018. In simplified terms, blockchain is a secure, shared, distributed ledger. That means, the data stored on a blockchain is secure using cryptographic algorithms, shared among multiple contributors and participants, and distributed on a peer-to-peer network among multiple nodes. Each participating node has a full copy of code and database.
Blockchain is expected to become a major component of Web 3.0. Not only are blockchain developers in high demand but they are also getting paid more. San Francisco and New York are the two top cities followed by Chicago, LA, and Boston that are hiring blockchain developers.

Who is hiring blockchain engineers and blockchain developers

There are two types of blockchain developers, the developers who build blockchain products (blockchain creators) and the developers who use a blockchain (blockchain app developers) in their applications.
Blockchain creators need to understand several underlying technologies of blockchain including low-level programming, network programming, understanding of cryptographic algorithms, mathematical consensus algorithms, database technologies, decentralization, console development, and high-level expertise in code debugging, testing, and performance optimization. This kind of job is usually performed by software engineers and low-level programmers. There are a limited number of jobs in this area.
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