How To Insert SharePoint List Item To MS SQL Server Using PowerShell

This article demonstrates how to Insert the SharePoint Online List item to On-Premise Microsoft SQL Table using PowerShell. It starts with the introduction of the Get-PnPListItem command available in SharePointPnpPowerShellOnline PowerShell module to read List items from SharePoint List. After that, it demonstrates how to create the SQL query and use Invoke-SQLcmd to create rows for each item in SQL Table. In the end, the article discusses how to Update Column MoveToSQL in the SharePoint List item,  so that in next run of PowerShell code it does not insert the same items in SQL table.


This PowerShell script can be used as either a one time activity to insert SharePoint List Item to SQL Table or used as a scheduler so it keeps inserting the List items into Microsoft SQL Table.

Pushpendra Shukla
16 8.3k 4.5k
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