Export an Issue to Microsoft Word in JIRA Tool in Testing

In JIRA tool we can easily export our search results from the Issue Navigator window to the Microsoft Word document. By doing this we can create reports in our own customized format. This tool is very useful for collecting all the data about the project.

The following is how to export an Issue to Microsoft Word

To export search results to Microsoft Word, launch JIRA and then log in into it. It will display the project dashboard page.

Now select the Issues tab on the top left side navigation bar. On clicking on it, it will display the Issue Navigator page.


Enter some search data in the search column on the left side of the Issue Navigator page. Click on the Search button and it will display the required searched test case.


Now click on the "Views" menu on the top-right side of the issue and choose "Word".


When we export the file in Word using JIRA it will include Description, Comments and all other issue data. In this tool large exports like hundreds of issues are not recommended. A file named "test doc" will be created. You can do editing in this file using Word and after that save it. The following is a sample exported file in Microsoft Word.


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