Install SQL Server 2012

Look at the following procedure:

1. Download SQL Server 2012.

2. Open the disc image and run setup.exe.


3. The SQL Server Installation Center opens, click “Install” on the left side, then select “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”.


4. Confirm the Support Rules, then click “OK”.

Support Rules

5. Enter your product key or select “Evaluation Edition”, then click “Next”.

Evaluation Edition

6. Accept the License Terms, then click “Next”.

License Terms

7. Check “Include SQL Server product updates”, then click “Next”.

Include SQL Server product updates

8. A warning will appear about installing SQL Server on a Domain Controller. Ignore it and click “Next.”

Domain Controller

9. Select “SQL Server Feature Installation”, then click “Next”.

SQL Server Feature Installation

10. Check “Database Engine Services”, “Management Tools – Complete” and anything else you need, then click “Next”.

Database Engine Services

11. Ensure the Installation Rules have passed, then click “Next”.

Installation Rules

12. Keep the default instance name and root directory, then click “Next”. If you need a named instance, then select the name of the instance radio button and provide a name for it.

instance radio button

13. Review the Disk Space Requirements, then click “Next”.

Disk Space Requirements

14. Use the Service account for all services, then click “Next”.

Note: This not a best practice since each service should run using a separate service account.

Service account for all services

15. Select “Windows authentication mode”, add the service account to the SQL Server administrators, then click “Next”.

Windows authentication mode

16. Add the service account to the Analysis Services administrators, then click “Next”.

Analysis Services administrators

17. Select “Install and Configure” for Reporting Services Native Mode, then click “Next”.

Install and Configure

18. Leave everything else as the default, then continue clicking “Next” until the installation begins.

until installation begins

19. Reboot the machine.

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