An Introduction to Windows Azure Tips Series

It's been a long time since my last articles, so I will make it rain for you these days :)
A few days ago, I finally decided to go for a Windows Azure Trial. I was like "What the..." when I first saw it and quickly loved its usability and design. But these are not important, right? Nope.
A lovely user interface always attracts people. But without functionality its an empty shell. But we're talking about Azure here! Microsoft spent millions of dollars on this technology, Windows Azure!
Ok. The 100 point question is:
Why do I even try Windows Azure, more specifically a Cloud Solution?
The answer is, I needed a service where I can host it over the internet and pay-per-use. Traditional approaches such as buying a hosting package and publishing a service there wasn't enough for me. So thanks to Nadir Akdag (expert on Azure Mobile Services and C# Corner Istanbul Chapter Speaker), I decided to go for a cloud approach. Since Nadir advised Windows Azure, I did not even delay for a moment to try it. My main target was learning Mobile Services but thanks to its lovely UI, I will unlock its secrets and write about it!


Above you see is the Dashboard of your Windows Azure Account. You can quickly access many useful things (Mobile Services for me) here and see what you created. You see below a warning message. It actually reports every situation that has happened on your account, whether you remove something or your account-specific issues.
When I clicked on it, I saw this message:

"Not today" ;) 

As you can see here also, Microsoft's new design language depends on some "Modern Design" but to me "Windows 8 UI" will be felt in every corner of the Windows Azure website. Microsoft did a good job on Azure.

I'll continue writing and explain every term used in Windows Azure and Cloud Systems in my next article.

Have fun with Windows Azure!

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