Copying XML Documents Using C#

If you just need to copy an XML file to a different location or a different name, you can use the File.Copy method. The File class is defined in the System.IO namespace. Don't forget to import the namespace by adding the following line to your code. 

using System.IO; 

The following code snippet copies oldXmlFile as newXmlFile. 

string oldXmlFile = @"C:\Books\Students.xml";
string newXmlfile = @"C:\Books\NewStudents.xml";
File.Exists(oldXmlFile, newXmlfile); 

But what if you we need to modify an existing XML file, save the changes and then copy it as another file name. For this purpose, we can use the XmlDocument and the Save method. 

Note: Don't forget to add the following using statement: 

using System.Xml; 

The following code method loads an XML document and then saves it back as a new document. Before saving back the document, you can modify the document based on your requirements. The code also checks if the new file name already exists and deletes it if the file is already there. 

string oldXmlFile = @"C:\Books\Students.xml";
string newXmlfile = @"C:\Books\NewStudents.xml";
CopyXmlDocument(oldXmlFile, newXmlfile);

private static void CopyXmlDocument(string oldfile, string newfile)
    XmlDocument document = new XmlDocument();

    // Modify XML file using XmlDocument here

    if (File.Exists(newfile))

In my next article, I will focus on copying XML document contents from one document to another using XPathNavigator and other classes.

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