Success Demands Sacrifice

Unless you're born lucky or a prince, the road to success is filled with many obstacles. Success doesn't come overnight. Look at any successful person in this world, you'll see they all have worked hard. They have failed at times. But they did not give up. Not only does success require focus, continuity and patience, it also demands sacrifice.

Let's define success

Before we delve into the discussion, let's try to understand the meaning of success. The meaning of success differs from person to person. Some common examples include being wealthy, winning a title and running a profitable business.

“It's always sunny in Florida”

A common definition of success is being rich and famous. At least, this is what most of people think. If someone is rich and famous, we say, he or she is successful. We usually forget what it took for the successful people to be where they are.

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What is your definition of success? Is it being rich and famous? Is it running a successful company? Is it having six-pack abs? Is it helping poor people and serving the community? Or is it just being happy? You must find what your meaning of success is.

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Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but we forget how much effort the neighbors have put in.

Forget security and comfort

On average, there are 168 hours in a week. Out of that, 56 hours go to sleep. That is one third of our time. We spend about 2.8 hours per day on leisure activities, including movies, sports and other activities. A report suggests that Americans spend 34 hours a week watching TV. Are you ready to sacrifice your sleep? Are you willing to cut down on your entertainment? Success may just demand that.

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Are you willing to give up the security and comfort of a paycheck? I meet so many to-be-entrepreneurs with good jobs and have an idea but don't want to give up their salary and expect their startup to become an overnight success.

“It took me a while to realize I have to give up my high salary to focus on my startup”

Here is a perfect example from my own life. I have two friends. Both working as consultants were making more than $250K USD a year salary. One quit his job and started his own company. After struggling for the first couple of years, today he runs a $20 million company. My other friend did not want to take a risk and tried part-time without leaving his job and he is still working as a consultant. Personally, it took me a while to realize I need to give up my salary and focus on my startup.

It is very difficult. You may need to give up your income and focus on your startup. Focus is the key to success.

Can't have social life

If you want to be successful, you may not have time to hang out with friends and socialize. You might need to end some of your close friendships. You may not have a social life at all.

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“You may need to give up your social life”

Let's say, you have a startup. Your startup is like your baby now. Your baby needs full-time attention. If you're not dedicated and focused, your startup will not go far.

Must control your desires

Everyone has a different definition of success. For some, success means being rich. For some, success means being popular and for some it may just be getting in shape. At the end of the day, it comes to your passion and your desires. Are you passionate enough to overcome your desires?

“Are you passionate enough to overcome your desires?”

Do you want a 6-pack? Are you willing to spend hours at the gym while your friends are enjoying movies? Are you willing to give up all those yummy samosas and sweets?

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Yes, that's right! Success demands sacrifice.


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