Scheduling SSIS Package in SQL Server

Suppose you have created a SSIS Package for updating XML files and now you want to update the XML files every 5 minutes. There are several steps for doing that. Those steps are as follows:

  1. First login into your SQL Server and click on SQL Server Agent and select Jobs:

  2. After that right-click on Jobs and Select New Job:

  3. The New Job window will open; enter the job name and description and check the Enabled Checkbox in the General Page:

  4. After that Select Steps and click on New.

  5. The New Job Step window will open; in this window Enter the Step name and in the Type Dropdown List Select SQL Server Integration Service Package. After that open the Package Source Dropdown List and select File system and then browse your package. Press OK.

  6. Now it's time to schedule your job; so select the Schedules page in the New Job Window and click on New.

  7. The New Job Schedule window will open; you can schedule it as needed. Here I am scheduling this job to according to my need; this job will run after each and every 5 minutes. After setting the time press OK.

  8. You can also make settings for Alerts, Notifications and Targets according to your need. Now it's time to press OK. And you will find that your job for updating XML has been created.

  9. This job will run every 5 minutes. If you want to run this job manually, then right-click on the Created job and select Start Job at Step. This job will run.


This is all about scheduling the SSIS Package.

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